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The ZBTB33 gene you inquire is evaluated as high risk in 0% cell line. Cell line is not selected, unable to assess the accurate risk level, for reference only.

Gene lethality score Data are derived from the results of genome-wide CRISPR library screening
Dependent Cell Lines Gene Dependency 0 0.5 1
Lethality score of ZBTB33 in different cells
All cells
Non-essential gene: 0
Boundary score: 0.5
Essestial gene: 1
The higher the score, the higher the dependence of gene on the cell line. If the score is >0.5, it is defined that there is a lethality risk after gene knockout.
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Project implementation risk
The data comes from the Red Cotton Knockout Project ▪ KO cell line bank project
Successfully implemented
We have successfully knocked out this gene in cells.
Likely to fail
We have made attempts to knock out this gene, but the projects were either not that successful or failed, indicating that this gene knockout is risky.
No Record
We haven’t applied knockout on this gene.
This result refers to two data, gene lethality score and project implementation risk. Due to the uncertainty of scientific experiments, different cell sources and different operations may lead to different results, so the above assessment is for reference only.